Addiator Arithma

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Addiator Arithma

  • Type: Adding Machine
  • Size: 6 Inches
  • Material: Aluminum

I've seen these bundled with 6-inch slide rules in nice folding cases. Sigh. I'll have one someday. In the meantime, I have this one, which I found for one dollar in a junque store's discard table.

(UPDATE: There's bundles and there's bundles. Check this baby out!)

Using the stylus (careful, it's sharp! Not for your PDA!) insert into a number hole at the top and drag to add, use the bottom numbers to subtract. If you run out of room and see the carry arrow, reverse and go around the loop at the end to carry or borrow. Easier to do than explain. Use the handle at the top to clear.

Slide rules can't add. But that shouldn't stop you!

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