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Dennert and Pape Model 2 aka Dennert and Pape I aka Dennert and Pape 2/28

  • Type: Closed Body Enhanced Mannheim
  • Size: 10 Inches / 25 cm
  • Material: Mahogany and celluloid
  • Scales:
    • Front: cm / A [ B C ] D | 1:25
    • Back: [ S L T ]
  • HvH: 3198

With paperboard box. Rule made in 1928 or shortly thereafter, based on the patent number on the cursor (which may be a replacement). The picture in the 1935 catalog has 1-10-100 indices on the A and B scales so the current unit is probably not that recent.

Dennert and Pape's initial slide rule offerings all had the same scales. The model 1 was 12.5 cm long, the model 2 was 25 cm long, the model 3 was 50 cm long. Knowing all that, why would you worry that the model number wasn't stamped on the unit.

The well has only the single marking "DENNERT AND PAPE ALTONA" making this the plainest variation of the rule I've seen (and leading me to initially doubt the identification).

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